Low fodmap saagwala

Curry nights at the Betts household were somewhat of an event growing up, a typical Sunday night spread would consist of a modest selection featuring: Paneer saagwala (or Palak Paneer), Rogan Josh and Chicken Korma, as well as a good-sized stack of homemade naan.

With winter well on its way in the southern hemisphere the curry cravings are back. Over Easter we had an action packed weekend away with friends soaking up the last of summer and eating Easter treats. On arriving back in Auckland a relaxing night and hot (and healthy) curry was exactly what we were craving.

This saagwala has been ‘perfected‘ multiple times with my partner & I for exactly these kind of nights. It’s super easy to prep plus it’s one of the healthiest curries out there as it’s basically just spinach, tomatoes & spices. This recipe is low FODMAP and more importantly doesn’t sacrifice taste,  It’s delicious with both paneer and tofu as chicken alternatives to suit vegetarians and vegans alike.

If you’re looking for a new addition to the dinner rotation, be sure to try this saagwala a go! Make sure to tag me on Instagram @onherplate.nz I love seeing your creations and hearing what you think!

Serves 4
1t cumin seeds
5 spring onions* chopped
1 red chilli, chopped (deseed
3T garlic oil
500g chicken**
400g spinach
1t ground cumin 
2T fresh coriander, chopped
1t ground coriander
1-2t chilli flakes
1/2t turmeric
Salt to taste
2inches of ginger, grated ***
400g canned tomatoes
2T coconut milk (optional)
Rice & naan breads to serve

  1. Blanch the spinach in hot water for 2-3 minutes before adding to a cool ice bath. Let the spinach sit for a few minutes before removing and squeezing the excess water out, then Add to the food processor.
  2. Heat 1T garlic oil in a pan heat. Fry the cumin seeds for 1-2 minutes before adding the spring onions & red chilli. Once cooked take off heat and add the spring onion mix to a good blender****
  3. Heat 2T garlic oil and pan-fry the chicken until almost cooked entirely through. Set aside. 
  4. Blitz the spinach mix, spring onion and rest of the spice ingredients including half the tomatoes until a smooth green paste. Continue to add the rest of the canned tomatoes and blend. 
  5. Once blended, add to a spinach sauce and chicken to a pan and simmer for 5-10 minutes. Add coconut milk 2 minutes before serving.
  6. Serve with naan, rice and extra coriander and enjoy!

*If not low fodmap you could substitute a regular onion
**Use diced paneer or tofu for a vegetarian/vegan curry. Cook as usual and stir through the curry.
***We didn’t have ginger so have made without, and it’s still delicious!
****A good blender is essential to getting such a smooth, creamy paste, we use a 700W NutriBullet

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