Roadie up North

Long weekends are the best! In my opinion, they are made for getting away from the city and escaping the day-to-day. Despite the forecast of grey clouds and rain, my friend Hem (check out her Instagram on @hemabel) and I packed up our things and headed north into the wilderness. While the clouds persisted for the … Continue reading Roadie up North

London Town

Where to start? London took my breath away in a way no other city I have been to has. Whilst nothing like Auckland, it also reminded me of home. Finally, I was in a country where I could understand the language, the faces seemed familiar, the cuisine was just like back home... if not better! … Continue reading London Town


Oh Barcelona. I heard so many great things from everyone I had spoken to and they were spot on. We spent 5 days in this beautiful city; shopping till our hearts were content, dining on delicious tapas, sipping on sangria and admiring the sights and old town. Having just spent a week sailing the Greek … Continue reading Barcelona


Our final destination in Vietnam and back to the city hustle and bustle after the peaceful Hoi An. With 8 million people it was to be expected there would be chaos in the city centre. We had stunning weather the entire time although the locals seemed to be under the impression it was autumn going … Continue reading Hanoi

Hoi An

A quick 40 minute drive south from Da Nang and we were in a little slice of Vietnamese paradise. This little town is absolutely stunning and my favourite place to date. In fact I'm not sure I can really do the beauty of this little town any justice and would highly recommend you make the … Continue reading Hoi An