Low fodmap saagwala

Curry nights at the Betts household were somewhat of an event growing up, a typical Sunday night spread would consist of a modest selection featuring: Paneer saagwala (or Palak Paneer), Rogan Josh and Chicken Korma, as well as a good-sized stack of homemade naan. With winter well on its way in the southern hemisphere the … Continue reading Low fodmap saagwala

Chickpea Feta Salad

This weekend’s been a big one and up until about half an hour ago, it’s been pretty much all go. Although when I say busy I don’t mean in an I just ran a marathon or I’ve been at the gym all weekend. No, it’s been a social weekend. One filled with the company of … Continue reading Chickpea Feta Salad

Greek Gyros

This took me back to the carefree time running around Greece and Italy. Living off gyros, exploring the classical history, sightseeing and having a good old laugh with some great friends! During out stay in Greece we pretty much survived of gyros (there were about $4NZ for a tasty lunch and super quick as we … Continue reading Greek Gyros