Low fodmap saagwala

Curry nights at the Betts household were somewhat of an event growing up, a typical Sunday night spread would consist of a modest selection featuring: Paneer saagwala (or Palak Paneer), Rogan Josh and Chicken Korma, as well as a good-sized stack of homemade naan. With winter well on its way in the southern hemisphere the … Continue reading Low fodmap saagwala

Peanut butter crunch balls

Stormy Sundays call for meal prep and sweet treats. These peanut butter babies have been on my mind all week as I promise myself to get back on the health bandwagon. After a few weeks of neglecting exercise and a pretty horrific cold I finally feel myself again. These balls are packed with all the … Continue reading Peanut butter crunch balls

Greek Gyros

This took me back to the carefree time running around Greece and Italy. Living off gyros, exploring the classical history, sightseeing and having a good old laugh with some great friends! During out stay in Greece we pretty much survived of gyros (there were about $4NZ for a tasty lunch and super quick as we … Continue reading Greek Gyros