Murawai Beach

Like all of the black sand West coast beaches, this one is just as beautiful as the rest, but this one's a little special. The gannet colony has stolen my heart and is one of the most beautiful spots I have watched the sunset from to date. The soaring and gliding of birds overhead, the … Continue reading Murawai Beach

Mercer Bay Loop

Another long weekend calls for another adventure out west! So a plan was formed, and thankfully the weather pulled through for a pretty stunning afternoon. Post gathering up the squad and some snacks (an absolute essential!) we headed out to see what the Waitakere Ranges had installed for us today on the Mercer Bay Loop … Continue reading Mercer Bay Loop

Silo Park

This place is seriously magical. In the summer it transforms into a popular weekend escape. Aucklands of all ages can grab a bite to eat from one the finest street food they have on offer, browse the pop-up night markets and take in the talented street performers. All of this and more turns what could have been a … Continue reading Silo Park

Piha Beach

The other week I was introduced to yet another TV series, The Shannara Chronicles.  Set in a magical land thousands of years after the destruction of civilisation. It follows a elven princess and human as they embark on a quest to stop a Demon army. While getting lost in the mystical nature, costumes and CGI of the show I started … Continue reading Piha Beach