Raspberry Custard Tarts

The French have totally mastered pastries. While I was in Paris, one of my favourite foodie finds was these wee custard, raspberry tarts. These pastries, filled with a sweet creamy custard and topped with tangy fresh raspberries made an unbeatable combination. For every bakery I passed, these delights became my go-to. On my short stay … Continue reading Raspberry Custard Tarts

Berry Quinoa Granola

This Monday, much like every other Monday, came around far too quickly and after another stunning weekend, it was back to work (at my new job might I say).  It’s been a whirlwind of a week starting a new job; from meeting the team, learning the ropes and a Christmas party all in the first week. They say … Continue reading Berry Quinoa Granola

Piha Beach

The other week I was introduced to yet another TV series, The Shannara Chronicles.  Set in a magical land thousands of years after the destruction of civilisation. It follows a elven princess and human as they embark on a quest to stop a Demon army. While getting lost in the mystical nature, costumes and CGI of the show I started … Continue reading Piha Beach